Resources for Those Who Want to Become Psychiatrists

Become a psychiatristThis page is a resource for all those who want to learn how to become a psychiatrist. It is a resource dedicated to helping the next generation of psychological medical professionals get the information they need to going down this awesome career path. We have a guide below, as well as links to helpful resources.

The first thing that you need to do is to spend some time in doing research so that you can find out exactly what the career is and whether you will be able to adjust yourself for it or not. You should know the duty of the psychiatrist and also that you have the skills required for becoming a psychiatrist. Without proper knowledge about it, you cannot take a decision else it can really put you in to great trouble. There are certain things that you should do if you are really into being psychiatrist.

Getting a Bachelor’s Degree

You should first earn the bachelor’s degree with the aim of pre medical preparations. During your graduation period you should do the preparations that can help you in starting your career in the medical field. There is another option for choosing the bachelor’s degree in the niche of psychology. This is not the only option you have. You can do your bachelor’s degree in health science or sociology for entering in to the niche of psychiatry later on in your career. When you are doing your under graduation, make sure that you are joining the courses that can help you in preparing yourself for the premedical entrance. These courses can include the ones that teach you physics, chemistry, biology etc. You can also enquire in your school where you are doing your graduation about the requirements and also needs for entering into the medical field. There are also chances for you to attend the test during the junior year. Attending this examination that acts as the entrance for the medical course is important and also can help you in gaining admission along with the grades that you have in your graduation. Both the scores for exam as well as graduation have importance for your admission for a course that is related with psychiatry.

The Things to Consider in Your Bachelor’s Degree

When you are choosing the bachelor’s degree, make sure that you have organic chemistry for one year, inorganic chemistry for one year, mathematics for one year, as well as physics for one year. Only such courses can help you in entering in to the medical school. The grades need to be really good for you to get the admission in the medical school that you are aiming at. There are many universities that provide pre medical programs that are capable of fulfilling all the requirements for you to apply for the medical schools. It is always better for you to choose the school that is popular as well as reputed so that you can be sure about making your path to the medical school much easier. When you are learning in the college, you should try to do internship at hospital or for doing some volunteer work. .

Getting the Medical Degree

The psychiatrists also need to go through the same kind of medical training program that every medical practitioner need to go through. Along with gaining knowledge about mind, you get the opportunity for knowing well about the way body works. You may also get the idea about treating different kinds of illnesses. The medical degree is capable of providing you with the basic knowledge that is necessary for making yourself an excellent as well as responsible doctor. There are various things like internal medicine, neurology, obstetrics, emergency, family practice; paediatrics as well as medicine that you need to pass for becoming a psychiatrist.

Deciding the Sub Specialty

You should be able to decide the sub specialty in which you want to specialize your career. You should have better focus on the psychiatric research, particular kinds of illnesses and also research on the various sub specialties so that you can find out the field in which you want to focus during your career as psychiatrist. Addiction psychiatry, geriatric psychiatry, adolescent psychiatry, child psychiatry, forensic psychiatry, emergency psychiatry, neuropsychiatry etc are the various sub specialties available in psychiatry.

Completing Residency

After the completion of MD or Do, you should spend another four years in getting experience in dealing with patients under a licensed doctor’s supervision. The first year of the residency can include many months learning about neurology as well as medicine. The residency is the period in which you will be applying everything that you have learned theoretically. Psychiatry, neurology, rotations of general medicine etc are certain things that you learn during the degree. You also get the opportunity for working with patients who are in psychiatric ward.

License from State

You should be able to get the license from the state where you are practicing. This is important for you to become a legal psychiatrist. It is necessary for the individuals to pass the exams in the state for becoming licensed by the state. The requirements of the state should be fulfilled and the examination should be passes. You should search about the requirements that your state has for providing the requirements and then prepare based on that so that you get the degree that you want. If you are moving from one state to another, then you need to attend another examination to get license there. It is necessary for getting federal – narcotics license for prescribing medication.

Improving Chances for a Better Psychiatry Job

There are certain certifications that can help you in getting better job opportunities. It is not necessary for every psychiatrist to have all this but it can be a better thing. You can get certified by AOBNP, ABPN etc for getting better image as a professional. You should try to get certificate for the field of psychiatry that you are willing to pursue.

Working as Psychiatrist

Once you get licensed, then you get the freedom to work in the field that you want. There are many choices that you have in the case of employment. You can apply for a job available in hospital; you can even work in clinic and even do private practice.

Links to Important Resources for a Psychiatry Career

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